Description is here. The icon, the title, the description can be modified in Notion.

🧑‍🎓 Introduction of astro-notion-blog

This page explains what astro-notion-blog is.

About astro-notion-blog

astro-notion-blog is a kind of Notion Blog, which means you can write a blog with Notion.

You can start astro-notion-blog without any monetory costs because it is an OSS.

For more detail about OSS, see the following wiki.


astro-notion-blog is very fast to display the page.

Because astro-notion-blog is based on Astro , and all pages are built as static in advance.

You can see it in the demo page . And you can make sure the supported blocks of Notion.

🔧 Supported blocks


To start astro-notion-blog, you need to have a little knowledge about HTML, CSS and Git. JavaScript knowledge is also fine.

If you are willing to learn about them, astro-notion-blog makes you more creative. Because, astro-notion-blog is designed for those people.

How to start your astro-notion-blog