Description is here. The icon, the title, the description can be modified in Notion.

How to start your astro-notion-blog

This page explains what you do first in astro-notion-blog.

How to start

You can find it out in the GitHub repository of astro-notion-blog.

Deploy first. It won’t take 15 mins. Then, please come back here.

Notion Database

You can see the columns in Notion DB. This section explains each columns.

Column Description
Page Entries of the blog
Tags Categories of the entry
Date Publishing date and time. However, you need to deploy after the date and time.
Excerpt Excerpt is displayed in index page.
FeaturedImage FeaturedImage is displayed in index page. Also, used as an OG image.
Published If you check, the entry will be treated as published after Date.
Rank You can put the number as you want. Recommended entries displays with the descendant order.
Slug Path, which means the end of the URL after / . The value must not be duplicated other entries.
Don’t rename the columns of DB. They are used in the program. Whereas, you can reorder the columns.

Further information

You can find further information in wiki of the GitHub repository.